Minecraft or Nerf Battle Parties

The kids will bounce for 45-60 minutes and we will set up the room for a fun nerf gun war or Minecraft Mining.  They play for about 30-45 minutes then that leaves cake and presents for the last 30 minutes.

Nerf Gun Wars will include all the ammo an about 8-10 guns including two semi automatics(Kids can bring more if they would like) plus all eye protections and we set up the room to battle it out.    That party includes two party hosts to help refill guns for the maximum fun. The snacks are cheetas(Lazer Hot Bullets), Cheese puffs(bullets), carrots(darts), water(water guns), popcorn(ammo), celery, whoppers(Cannon balls), green grapes, orange jello(sweet shots) type snacks etc.  I like to have some fun and some healthy snacks plus water.  It will be the refueling station.

Minecraft consists of mining sword, creeper keychains, picaxe and bow and arrow, pin the tale on the pig, creeper toss plus all theme minecraft.   The add on of snacks will include, pretzels, carrots, ring pops,cookies, fish, tnt(twizzlers) type snacks etc.
The price is a chosen party package plus Minecraft($120) or Nerf Gun($100) without snacks and $180/$160 with snacks for the add on. Minecraft & Nerf Gun parties includes up to 12 children.  Additional children for minecraft is $15/child.